Welcome to the website of PPC Suite Contracts, PPC2000, SPC2000 and TPC2005.

The PPC suite of contracts offer tried and tested collaborative forms that have helped to deliver improved value and reduced risks on projects and programmes of work worth many billions of pounds.

Case studies using PPC2000, SPC2000 and TPC2005 (now TAC-1) have demonstrated over the last 22 years the value of collaborative relationships and systems that support team integration, early supply chain involvement and joint risk management.

Please visit www.allianceforms.co.uk for news and guidance in relation to the FAC-1 Framework Alliance Contract and the TAC-1 Term Alliance Contract.

Please visit www.acarchitects.co.uk to purchase paper electronic version any of these contracts.

Please download 26 case studies set out in ’10 Years of Partnering Contracts’:  10 Year Anniversary PPC and 5 Year TPC.

PPC2000 case studies also appear in: