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PPC2000 - "the full monty"

The first standard form of Project Partnering Contract, PPC2000, was launched in September 2000 by Sir John Egan, chairman of the Construction Task Force, who described it as "a blow for freedom". It provides a foundation and route map for the partnering process and can be applied to any type of partnered project in any jurisdiction.  However, in October 2007 an International version was published to cater specifically for jurisdictions outside the United Kingdom.  PPC International was extensively trialled in the Middle East by authors Trowers & Hamlins before publication by the ACA.

Sir Michael Latham reviewed PPC2000 in detail at the time of its original publication and confirmed that it embodies all his recommended principles for a modern construction contract. He described PPC2000 in Building Magazine (10 May 2002) as "the full monty of partnering and modern best practice".

It is a direct response to the recommendations of the Construction Task Force's 1998 report Rethinking Construction (often referred to as 'the Egan report') and incorporates ideas set out in the Construction Industry Council's Guide to Project Team Partnering. PPC2000 was developed through prototypes tested on a variety of pilot projects.

PPC2000 has been endorsed by the Construction Industry Council, the Movement for Innovation, the Local Government Task Force, the Housing Forum and the Construction Best Practice Programme. (The latter four bodies and now integrated under Constructing Excellence.)

PPC2000 was amended in 2003. PPC International contains those amendments.

PPC2000 was further amended in 2008 and in 2013 which is the current version in use.   For an outline of those amendments click on this link

PPC(S)2000, the Scottish supplement slots into a standard PPC2000. It contains alternative attestation clauses and amendments to PPC2000 in accordance with Scottish Law.

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SPC2000 & SPC International

The standard form of specialist contract, SPC2000, underpins the contribution that specialist sub-contractors can make by being appointed early and integrated into the project partnering team. It responds to industry calls for a contract, between the constructor and specialist, which works back-to-back with PPC2000.   SPC International, published in October 2004 does the same for PPC International for jurisdications outside of the U.K.

SPC2000 was amended in 2004.  SPC International contains those amendments.

SPC2000 was again amended in 2008 which is the current edition.

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GUIDE to PPC2000 and SPC2000

This comprehensive Guide to ACA's partnering contracts PPC2000 and SPC2000 is also a guide to effective partnering for all. It includes checklists and flowcharts.

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SPC2000 Short Form

A new form of Specialist Contract for Project Partnering for use with the PPC2000 (Amended 2008) the ACA Standard Form of Contract forSPC2000ShortForm Project Partnering.






Key features and benefits of PPC2000

This Introduction to PPC2000, by Trowers & Hamlins outlines the key features of PPC2000 and includes sample pages for you to browse.

The Benefits of PPC2000 show why PPC2000 is the first choice of contract for those who are serious about project partnering.



The authors are a team drawn from the award-winning Projects and Construction Group at Trowers & Hamlins, described as "one of the UK's strongest non-contentious teams" (Legal 500, 2003). They are supported with input drawn from the experience of a wide variety of project partnering teams and their advisers.