PPC2000 York Conference 15 Oct 08  - Delegate Downloads

Keynote presentation - Anne Kirkham, CGA
Workshop 3/Item 1 - Peter O'Connor:  Example of Mapeley Procurement Strategy
Workshop 3/Item 2 - PeterO'Connor: The Mapeley Target Cost Reimbursement Mechanism for Contractors
Workshop 3/Item 3 - Peter O'COnnor: The DWP Jobcentre Plus Gateway Process (2004)
Workshop 3/Item 4 - Peter O'Connor: The NAO Report on Jobcentre Plus (2008)

Assocation of Consultant Architects (publishers of PPC2000)

Association of Partnering Advisers (lists of accredited persons)

Constructing Excellence (formed from the merger of Rethinking Construction and Construction Best Practice)

Construction Industry Council (origin of the seminal
report Guide to Project Team Partnering)

Trowers & Hamlins (the authors of PPC2000)

PPC User Groups  (Information and Registration details)