PPC/TPC User Groups

The PPC/TPC Steering Group is the advisory body that guides the publishers of the PPC Suite. It is currently chaired by Shane Hughes, Director at Savills and consists of the following members. You can learn more about them from the short YouTube links next to their names

Shane Hughes - Chairman http://youtu.be/HpP6Nn1crkc

Francis Brown, PRP Architects

Marian Burke, Moat Homes http://youtu.be/9zd_1fhZSDA

Christian Carlisle, Circle

Paul King, Rider Levitt Bucknall

Kim Newman, PML Group

Assad Maqbool, Trowers and Hamlins http://youtu.be/ESRDTR-eIsQ

Garry McInerney, Vinci Facilities

Darren Moseley, United House

David Mosey, King's College London http://youtu.be/ghV3EZvUu5w

Jonathan Oxlade, http://youtu.be/zz9Ry8-VSTY

Kevin Murray, Ministry of Justice

Jason Russell, Surrey Council

Peter Sharman, Mulalley http://youtu.be/-zvpywvZp7Q

Antony Silk, AmicusHorizon http://youtu.be/YVCVD5Xb8bs

Tyron Stalberg, Mitie http://youtu.be/awtqytHdQOY

Pat Sweeney, Open View Consulting

Neil Thody, Cameron Consulting

The Steering Group are supported by the ACA

If you have (or will have) any of these functions under a PPC2000, SPC2000 or TPC2005 contract, you will find the support and advice of colleagues in the PPC/TPC User Groups invaluable:

  • Client
  • Client’s Representative
  • Consultant
  • Constructor
  • Partnering Adviser
  • Specialist

Members benefit from:

  • exclusive User Group Meetings in ten regions (currently these are not being held on a regular basis following local group member requirements)
  • newsletters and other mailings from the PPC/TPC Steering Group
  • discounts on PPC2000 and related documents when purchased direct from ACA
  • discounts on PPC2000/TPC2005 conferences and workshops. 

About PPC/TPC User Groups

PPC/TPC User Group membership Form (£50 p.a.)