Accredited Training Courses

The PPC/TPC Steering Group are pleased to offer accredited training courses in best practice in procurement through the ACA Contracts PPC2000, SPC2000 and TPC2005 and their associated short forms.

Our training courses cater to all levels of practitioner to help you run a successful project. Courses range from introductory to advanced level and bespoke tailed courses can be developed for specialised needs. Courses will run as public events or in-house training. User Group members are entitled to a discount on any course.

Introductory Courses (Duration 4 hours)

  • An introduction to PPC2000
  • An introduction to SPC2000
  • An introduction to TPC2005
  • Sub-contract forms SPC Short Form, STPC2005 – An introduction
  • Legal Issues under ACA Project Partnering Contracts

Intermediate Courses (Duration 3 hours)

  • Contract management under PPC2000 or TPC2005
  • Pricing and Open Book under PPC2000 and TPC2005
  • Managing performance on partnering contracts
  • Contract mobilisation
  • The role of the Partnering Adviser
  • The role of the Client Representative
  • Pre and post contract workshop

Advanced Courses (Duration 3 hours)

  • Managing risk
  • Procuring contracts under PPC2000/TPC2005

If you are interested in learning more about the ACA Accredited Training Courses, please call us on: 01959 952412 or email us on: or use the form below: